Making water testing
quick & simple

Poor water quality is the most common cause of heating system breakdowns.

Good water quality is crucial when it comes to protecting heating systems so they can operate efficiently over the short and long term. If untreated, homeowners face increased energy costs, or expensive repair bills if vital components fail.

Water testing helps you prove that the heating system was left by an expert in the best possible condition, minimising running costs and the risk of costly breakdowns. Until now, heating engineers could test in two ways; check only for inhibitor levels or carry out a full lab test and wait a minimum of 24 hours for the results.

That’s why we created ADEY ProCheck®

Instant lab-style results direct to your phone.

ADEY ProCheck is designed to provide a quick and easy method of testing system water quality using a smartphone. ADEY ProCheck's step by step process provides instant validation of system health measuring Inhibitor, Corrosion, and pH levels in under 3 minutes.

Results are displayed within the app, offering recommendations for corrective action where required.  

Watch this video to hear how other installers have been using ADEY ProCheck to work smarter, not harder.

How does it work?

Simply take a sample of water, use the dedicated test strips and card, scan with the app, and get an instant onsite report and recommendations directly to your phone.

Watch this how-to video to find out more.

Professional reports in seconds.

All your test results in one place

Each test creates a results report, which can be sent to any email address directly from the app

Keep track of all your tests using the ADEY ProCheck Report Management System

View reports, get annual test reminders and resend test reports from your easy-to-use dashboard

Access to the ADEY ProCheck Report Management System is free for your first year and incurs a small monthly charge thereafter. Log in to your Report Management System for more information and pricing.


Did you know? You can access all your test results using the ADEY ProCheck Report Management System by visiting





Universal Digital Water Test

ADEY ProCheck has been designed to work at its best with ADEY chemicals but will also provide results where other certified water treatment chemicals have been used.

Download the ADEY ProCheck app for free and use in conjunction with this test kit.

For more information about device compatibility visit ADEY ProCheck FAQs.

*Quantities may vary by region

ADEY ProCheck gives heating engineers

  • Instant lab-style results on your phone
  • Tests results for inhibitor, corrosion & pH levels in the system
  • Validation from an independent expert that your work is top quality
  • Recommendations for corrective action where required
  • Full results report available by email instantly and uploaded to Report Management System for portal access later*

*Test report generation and ADEY ProCheck Report Management System access included for the first 12 months


ADEY ProCheck gives property providers

  • Instant results so corrective work can be completed in the same visit
  • Results for Inhibitor, Corrosion & pH levels in the system
  • Extended heating system life cycle by improving system health across all properties
  • Validation from an independent expert that your engineers’ work is top-quality
  • Complete visibility of compliant work on complete housing stock with the ADEY ProCheck Report Management System

Download your product brochure

The revolutionary ADEY ProCheck universal water test kit and supporting app is the first of its kind to offer onsite lab-style analysis of system water, providing instant (independent) validation of system health via an app and reporting platform.

Download your ADEY ProCheck product brochure to learn more.


KIWA Verified

ADEY ProCheck App has been tested and approved by KIWA Gastec. KIWA have verified the procedure and the resulting trial test data set and confirm these results are valid and represent the true performance of the ADEY ProCheck.