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Leading the way

Calling upon his experience as a former British Gas apprentice, Chris was the man that set ADEY on this innovative path.

Using all he knew about the daily demands on installers and advances in heating tech, he produced ADEY’s very first pioneering product – created by installers, for installers.

Royal approval

A number of our products have received royal approval. In 2012, we were given the UK Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for our filters, and in 2017 we followed this up with another for our award winning water treatment formulas. This isn’t just a testament to our business excellence, but also a sign that our products have truly revolutionised this industry.

Protecting more than heating

Our products don’t just save money. They help the planet too. The more efficient our filters and chemicals make hydronic heating systems, the lower carbon emissions, energy and water wastage is. But we also work hard as a company to be kind to the environment. In 2007, we achieved carbon neutral status.

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