ADEY partners with water treatment specialists to provide best-in-class offering to AWT (Association of Water Technologies) members

ADEY Innovation LLC, inventors of the MagnaClean magnetic dirt filter technology, are pleased to announce a collaboration with Water Engineering Inc. This will allow both companies to provide best-in-class solutions for the Association of Water Technologies’ (AWT) specialists.

We believe that Omaha, Nebraska based Water Engineering Inc., offers superlative water treatment and energy savings programs for numerous commercial and industrial economic buyers. Our shared goal is to become valuable partners with AWT clients by providing quality products and services which will save water, energy, and dollars, along with simplifying water management processes.

North American Sales Director, Andrew Lapinsky, is delighted to announce this exciting partnership – “We’re really thrilled to be working with like-minded experts in the field of water treatment; combining knowledge and synergistic strategies to provide AWT members with a more complete corrosion mitigation solution. Here at ADEY, we’re always seeking innovative partnerships to provide the best-in-class solutions, that’s why working with Water Engineering Inc. is such a great opportunity for us”.

In addition to offering their current portfolio of top-level water treatment services, Water Engineering Inc. will now also have exclusive master distributor access to ADEY’s complete range of leading MagnaClean magnetic filters. Combined with Water Engineering Inc.’s water treatment programs, the filters will provide enhanced maintenance solutions for AWT members.

ADEY’s MagnaClean filter range is designed to remove iron oxide from hydronic heating, chiller, and steam systems. Furthermore, ADEY filters ensure that vital system components, such as boilers and pumps, are protected to enhance the longevity and efficiency of the system.

Likewise, David Wagenfuhr, President of Water Engineering Inc. is also excited about the collaboration. "In a partnership between Water Engineering Inc. and ADEY Innovations, the ability to utilize revolutionary magnetic filtration for water treatment is available to provide a green approach to magnetite metal removal. The innovative method for removing magnetite from water systems provides an effective and original tool for the continuation of our goal to safeguard internal systems”.

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