How Quickly Does Limescale Build Up in a System and How to Treat it

Water hardness is based on the amount of calcium and magnesium salts that are dissolved in the water, and it doesn't take long for systems to scale up. Watch our lab test video here!


Hard water greater than 200ppm / 11.5 grains results in limescale deposition in heat exchanger surfaces, causing them to scale out.

To prevent scale build-up in new boiler systems, ADEY MC1+ protector should be dosed into the system.

For scaled up retrofit systems, the water should be tested for any other critical parameters using the water test kit, dosed with MC3+ cleaner, flushed and dosed with MC1+ protector. If the water test show signs of corrosion, add a MagnaClean filter also.


Soft water less than 100ppm / 6 grains is generally more corrosive of all metals in the system.

Warning: Water softeners should not be used with cast aluminum heat exchangers because it will strip the heat exchangers. De-ionizers are good for the system for preventing scale, but the water still needs to be inhibited

For new systems with soft water, we recommend using a de-ionizer and ADEY inhibitor.