Offer a service with an install

It’s a commonly known fact that hydronic boiler systems make up less than 10% of new construction heating systems installations in North America. So, it is no surprise that North America is a retrofit market.

As a skilled heating professional, the job at hand is to always fulfil the customer’s needs by resolving their heating problems and upgrading their system with a new boiler if needed, but are you going the extra mile, or are you just offering a “headlight” warranty?

Have you considered offering the following services:

  1. A full system water quality check
  2. Water Chemistry and filter consultation
  3. Preventative maintenance and service plan(s)

Simple iron oxide and inhibitor field tests take less than five minutes to perform for your customers but opens additional sales/service opportunities easily worth hundreds of dollars in additional revenue. Not to mention a more effective heating system for your customers!

Long-term economic value

Iron oxide or magnetite is the unavoidable result of oxidation in a system. Magnetite is the most common cause of water side heating system failures. Over time, magnetite build-up can reduce heating efficiency by up to 7%* and eventually cause blockages. Use the MagnaClean RapidTest™ to check for iron oxide, and MC1+™ inhibitor strips to check for inhibitor levels. These simple tests can be real game changers!

Theses tests will allow you to upsell/offer a MagnaClean magnetic filter and/or MC1+ inhibitor which will become key components of an annual maintenance program with that same customer. This will help you build a sustainable and loyal customer base.

Why does that matter?

In these uncertain times, companies without established maintenance programs have suffered due to limited contact with homeowners. Therefore, having service offerings such as an annual ADEY MagnaClean filter and water quality check program in place can make a huge difference.

Typically, a residential MagnaClean filter should be serviced once per year, and inhibitor levels should be tested as well. This gets your foot into the homeowner’s door and allows you to show your expertise to the homeowner. When you can demonstrate energy savings to a homeowner, additional cleaning upgrades that involve using MC3+™ cleaner and a MagnaCleanse® unit to completely flush the system should be considered.

Building up a portfolio of these types of customers could keep you busy even during economical downturns and unpredicted market hindering times.

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*Gastac UK Summary