Upgrade your service with ADEY’s Best Practice® steps

As the heating season gets closer and closer, use your upcoming calls to test the quality of the water – it’s your chance to test for any potential system issues and resolve them proactively before the boiler kicks in for the long winter.

Often, poor water quality is the leading cause behind system issues and failures. Also known as black sludge or iron oxide, magnetite is a result of oxidation inside untreated hydronic systems and if not dealt with, can foul pumps, deposit in low flow areas such as baseboards, use up inhibitor added to protect metallic components, block heat exchangers, and cause boiler breakdowns.

Pre-heating season water checks on both new and old boiler systems are vital in ensuring homeowners’ systems are working at full efficiency ready for the winter months. Why not take this opportunity to upgrade your service, offer a quality service, and give your customer the chance to protect their boiler with ADEY’s best practice steps?

The ADEY Best Practice®steps come in four stages: Test, Clean, Protect, and Maintain.

If you’re not sure what system water you’re dealing with, try testing it first using ADEY’s FREE MagnaClean RapidTest™. The MagnaClean RapidTest is a small magnetic stick that can be added onto a keyring and used at every job-site you step foot on. Simply take a sample of system water in a bucket, dip the stick in for 10 – 20 seconds and check to see if it turns grey, black or collects magnetite. This is a sure sign that water quality is poor, magnetite is present, and is an awesome way of showing the homeowner too! Claim your free one here!

Step 1 – Test: Testing is the first step to diagnosing the root cause of any system issue, or preventing damage/failures from occurring in new systems is to test the quality of the water. ADEY's 3 different on-site water test strips - corrosion, pH and inhibitor, provide simple way to diagnose those root causes. All 3 tests will provide recommendations on how to restore/treat the system water. Find out more HERE.

Step 2 - Clean: Cleaning the system using water treatment chemicals and ADEY's MagnaCleanse® flushing unit to lift and shift any build up in the system pipes, radiators and boiler helps to restore the system. ADEY's MC3+® cleaner, MC40+™ Boiler De-scaler and MC5™ RapidFlush cleaner lift existing scale and magnetite. The ADEY MagnaCleanse unit combines flushing and cleaning on a bypass circuit, saving time and water, for a more effective clean.

MC3+® cleaner

MC40+™ Boiler De-scaler

MC5™ RapidFlush cleaner


Watch this MagnaCleanse results video here!

Step 3 – MagnaClean®: No long-term protection is complete without the use of ADEY’s MagnaClean filter, and MC1+™ protector. Both of these products are designed to improve hydronic system efficiency and performance.  ADEY's MagnaClean filters capture the scale and magnetite that has been lifted by the cleaners for on-going, permenant protection, and the MC1+® protector prevents any future scale, calcium and magnetite from building up on system surfaces.

MagnaClean filters

MC1+®* protector

Just look at this MagnaClean dirt filter capture after only 4 months here!

Step 4 - Maintain: Annual servicing and water testing promotes continual system protection and maintains efficiency. Water quality levels should be tested annually with ADEY's MC1+ inhibitor, pH and corrosion quick test strips, and if required, topped up with ADEY's MC1+ protector. ADEY's MagnaClean filter should be serviced annually.

For more information on ADEY’s Best Practice products, please visit www.adey.com/us

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