Wholesaler Benefits of Promoting Water Quality, by Mike DelConte at F.W. Webb

“As a wholesaler, we should be promoting the right thing, and promoting water quality is the right thing to do.

Technology is increasing at a very rapid rate these days, and unfortunately there’s a gap in the amount of people entering the skilled trades industry, whether it be carpenters, electricians or plumbers, and when you combine those things together, it’s now more important than ever to educate people coming into the trade now because this is likely to change over the next few years.

The industry is changing significantly, so much so that it’s probably changed more over the past 5 years than it has in the past 15 years combined, and those that are now entering the skilled trades industry are going to have to know more than they used to, so this is why training facilities and training trucks are a key part of being successful from a wholesaler perspective.

As high efficiency grows, we’ll see warranties denied more and more if system water isn’t kept clean, so the need for magnetic filtration will only grow. By leading the industry now through training, you can be one step ahead.”