Homeowner Benefits

  • Reduced heating bills and maintenance costs
  • Immediate ongoing central heating system protection
  • Extends the life of the central heating system
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • 2 year warranty

"It’s clear to me that these filters are definitely a necessity for any hydronic heating system, whether it be old or new"

Steve Mulligan, Technical Trainer at Sweeney Rogers Geraghty Inc.

Installation & Servicing Instructions

Maintain peak performance

Whether you’re fitting a MagnaClean® DualXP on a brand-new boiler or retrofitting it on an existing boiler, get the installation right to give the boiler the best protection. Plus, to help keep the filter performing as powerfully as the day it was fitted, service it properly. To do both, simply follow our guide.

Technical Specifications

Canister and Lid

  • Material: Glass reinforced nylon
  • Fluid Capacity: 5.12 pints
  • Inlet diameter: 1" at valve
  • Outlet diameter: 1" at valve
  • Thread: Pressure thread
  • Flow configuration: Bi-directional
  • Main lid seal: EPDM
  • Valve to canister: EPDM

Magnets x 2

  • Housing: Stainless steel
  • Length: 8 7/8"
  • Diameter: 3/4"

Bleed Valves x 2

  • Body material: Nickel plated brass
  • Screw: Nickel plated brass
  • Thread interface: M6
  • Seals: EPDM

Drain Ports x 2

  • Drain plug material: Nickel plated brass
  • Drain plug thread: M8
  • Seals: EPDM

Telescopic Connectors x 2

  • Inlet: 1½" Nominal bore
  • Outlet: 1½" Nominal bore
  • Body material: Nickel plated brass
  • Connection: 1½" NPT female
  • O ring material: EPDM

Service clearance

  • Air Vent (top): 2"
  • Drain Plug (bottom): 2"

Contractor Benefits

  • Unique 1 ½" NPT telescopic connectors for easier installation in horizontal or vertical orientations
  • Dual magnetic chambers with four scale capture zones
  • In-line design and 360 rotational connectors provide versatile installation options suitable for both horizontal and vertical pipework
  • Two low profile drain valves for easy servicing and dosing
  • Ultra-thin sheath enhances magnetic particle capture
  • Bi-directional flow so either port can be designated as port entry
  • Canister is a convenient water treatment dosing point

The ADEY® Best Practice

The ADEY® Best Practice heating system protection is a six-step process using products engineered to ensure maximum efficiency in hydronic heating systems.