Homeowner Benefits

  • System flushing can be completed in as little as 2 hours
  • Cleansed system ensures optimum results and additional protection
  • Provides effective, ongoing protection for the system
  • Improves the hydronic heating’s performance and efficiency
  • Extends the life of the system

Installation & Servicing Instructions

Recommended methods

The MagnaCleanse® can be used on combination/sealed systems and open vented systems. Download more information about MagnaCleanse.

Technical Specifications

Kit Contents

  • 1 x MagnaCleanse® RapidFlush filter
  • 1 x VibraClean
  • 1 x MagnaCleanse® hose-to-valve connector
  • 2 x Hose length
  • 6 x Hose clamps
  • 4 x Female cam locks
  • 1 x Drain valve

Contractor Benefits

  • Continually removes virtually all magnetite throughout the cleaning process
  • Cleaner remains concentrated in the system throughout the cleaning process
  • System water remains heated during the cleaning process, giving a faster and more effective clean
  • Saves water – drain down only required at the end of the cleaning process
  • Drain valve provides greater control and flexibility
    − Release system pressure with ease − Simplifies RapidFlush filter servicing with water drained to clean and disconnect the product − Easy to flush residual cleaner from the system − Helps cleanse the system of non-ferrous particles

MagnaCleanse in action

If hydronic heating systems are left untreated, magnetite can build up. Over time it hardens, making it difficult to remove. Watch Dr. Neil Waton explain how MagnaCleanse shifts the hardened debris and fully flushes the system.

MC3+ Cleaner Commercial

MagnaCleanse Hose Bag

The MagnaCleanse® hose bag enables safe and convenient transportation of the MagnaCleanse hose and equipment in a secure bag which features a carry strap with shoulder pad.

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When there’s microscopic sludge on the scene, you need a dirt filter that can capture every single particle, not just the biggest.