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Stopping magnetite takes more than filters

A central heating system doesn’t work without water. But this element also plays a part in causing boilers to breakdown. As it flows, conducting heat through the pipes, it also corrodes. Treating the system’s water helps prevent this damage.

We’ve created a range of award-winning, extra concentrated chemicals to defend systems against the harm water can do. Investing in a cutting-edge lab, we’ve developed tests to better diagnose the problems water causes, as well as formulated treatments that tackle this corrosive component.

UKAS accredited

Testing chemical treatments against the highest industry standards, our lab is home to research excellence and developments that make a difference.

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Whether it’s central heating or mains water that needs analysing, get a fast and full report from our UKAS accredited lab. Start the process via our secure online portal.

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Tough enough protection

The harder the water, the stronger the central heating’s defences need to be. Check to see if extra protection against corrosion is necessary with our water hardness checker.

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